Our Services

Tax Planning and Compliance Services

Metzler Advisory is here to assist with tax planning, compliance and providing advisory services as part of a dynamic and adaptive strategy to help our clients maximize their success. We assist both individual and business clients minimize tax costs and review all opportunities whether global or local. Our specific services include:

Business Tax Planning and Compliance

We specialize in key areas including accounting services, corporate tax, international tax, tax controversy and tax return compliance services. We provide guidance in a specialized way to all of our clients ranging from local and family business to large corporations including multinational businesses.

Transactional Support

Metzler Advisory can help improve value for businesses, emerging companies, international entities and venture capital and private equity firms. Our services include business succession planning, financial due diligence, outsourcing fund administration and accounting, purchase price disputes, sell-side due diligence, transaction tax, valuation financial modeling and working capital analysis.

Tax-Efficient Structuring

Metzler Advisory can help new businesses in developing their structure, as well as examine existing business structures to determine if restructuring may be advisable to ensure the most tax-efficient organization is achieved.

Deal Structure for Buying/Selling Businesses

We have had many opportunities throughout years of helping business owners who eventually want to sell their business or to purchase an existing business. Metzler Advisory helps these clients to structure the transaction, understand the tax ramifications of various potential structures to compare and contrast, and then make sure they are in compliance with the special tax return reporting associated with such transactions. We have worked closely with attorneys to form a valuable team of advisors in this area.

Multinational Taxation – Inbound and Outbound

We can assist companies that are expanding abroad (Outbound) or foreign companies looking to expand into the United States (Inbound). We help U.S. individuals moving outside the U.S. to understand their ongoing U.S. compliance requirements and to take full advantage of the special U.S. tax benefits specifically available to them. We assist foreign individuals moving into the U.S. as well as foreign purchasers and sellers of U.S. property which fall into a special tax regime known as FIRPTA (Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act). Our team has extensive expertise and technical knowledge to assist in these areas as well as helping to structure transactions worldwide.

Individual Tax Planning and Compliance

Our team of dedicated individual tax advisors has experience in tax return preparation and are skilled with various individual tax planning strategies. We stay current in tax issues affecting our clients and proactively work to update our clients on changes that may affect them.

State and Local Tax

Metzler Advisory offers value-driven tax planning strategies for all types of entities whether they are operating in one or in multiple states. We help our clients understand the ever-changing landscape of state and local sales tax and franchise tax law. We have especially helped many clients involved in e-commerce to navigate the evolving and changing tax landscape of states seeking to establish tax jurisdiction over e-commerce sales to customers located within their states. We provide compliance services, nexus review, apportionment review, sales tax review, E-commerce sales review, audit defense and disclosure work as well as due diligence.